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TY THE PIE GUY Wraps Season One!

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2015 at 6:00 am

Boom! We did it. The First Season of Ty the Pie Guy is officially wrapped!

Ty Gets Pied!

We’re pretty excited: 20 episodes, over 100 minutes of content, 530 subscribers, 130,000+ views! And we’re still going places…

We got to go to the Festival! And dance before the Prince!

Well, okay, maybe there weren’t any princes, but Ty Freedman (Ty the Pie Guy) and Associate Producer Sarah Winshall walked the red carpet at the inaugural San Francisco Web Festival! Three Pie Guy episodes screened in 120-seat theatre including Breakfast Pizza! and The Inseparable Egg! What a treat to see them on the big screen!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.57.56 PMTy the Pie Guy was one of only 4 family shows honored at the festival and we met some amazing fellow creators, filmmakers and distributors through the festival.

Meanwhile, we’ve already started planning for Season 2! So spread the word, cross your fingers and make sure you’re subscribed to Ty the Pie Guy for some fun, bonus videos this summer! Check out our website for additional great easy recipes and lots of pie!

We had so much fun this season working with the awesome talented and adorable kids featured on the show. All our kids – some actors, some not – are pretty special! Here are a few to keep your eye on this year:


Charlize diaz de Leon – who plays Ty’s little sister Rose – is whip smart, super funny and a charming soul. She loves pop culture, and is particularly obsessed with Once Upon A Time, which we liked to tease her about relentlessly on set. She has been with us the entire season and we can’t wait to see where Rose will pop in from come Season 2. She got a guest stint on the New Girl season finale which made us all cheer out loud! Dash Williams, (Kids React) who starred in our pilot episode Breakfast Pizza!, also starred in multiple episodes of Fresh Off The Boat this season! And be sure to check out Liv Horinouchi in Popcorn! and Bleau Essen in Vegans. These are just a few of the super cool kids who have made Ty the Pie Guy so much fun! Kids Rock!

For the big Pie Contest season finale, we brought back these kids and many more from the entire season. It was so much fun! I love creating healthy entertainment with Ty the Pie Guy, literally and figuratively.

Look for Ty the Pie Guy at VidCon this year. And follow Ty the Pie Guy on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news!

Have a great summer and keep creating!

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